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Want to hire me as your coach?

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Click my calendar to book your session with me and apply to join my coaching programme waiting list


Some things to keep in mind:

  • this programme is perfect for directors, partners, managers, associates, VPs, and ambitious entrepreneurs (or similar level roles)
  • there are only a couple of spots available on my coaching programme
  • my programme is not cheap but its value far exceeds the price (just ask my clients)
  • I will assess your application personally
  • If your application is successful I will give you all the details of the programme during our call

The academic staff and students were all very impressed and inspired to work on their own presenting style. It has been very easy to work with Kolarele and I would recommend him and his work as a very worthwhile investment!


Business Engagement Officer

Kolarele has an engaging manner with a delivery style that is thoughtful and deliberate. I look forward to working with him again and highly recommend him as a coach.


London Regional Chair, Federation of Small Businesses

Kolarele was an invaluable resource in helping me articulate our clarified and user-friendly organizational objectives, and he also helped me in presenting this to the rest of the organsiation at all levels. Great value for money too!


Strategic Grant Lead

Kola totally changed the way I delivered my presentation and drew out my own passion and story telling abilities to deliver a presentation that allowed me to connect with the audience in a way that I didn't think possible. I highly recommend Kolarele.


Vice President (Legal)

Kola was able to transform (by providing the tools, know how and techniques) my friend from somebody who was nervous, stuttering and with poor body language and unclear messages when speaking to an audience, into somebody who was evidently self confident, impactful, thought provoking with crisp messaging. 


Managing Director

The effectiveness of my communication has doubled in effectiveness, as has my confidence. I still have a long way to go, but my professional value has increased. I would put the value of this programme to me of about £100,000 in the next two years”


Operations Director

I believe that coaches should walk their walk and talk their talk - and this one does! Kola knows what he talks about. I am delighted that he has packaged his knowledge, tips and experience and has made it available now to a wider audience. Recommended!


Independent Financial Advisor

Frequently speaking coaches over complicate things, Kola on the other hand is the most dynamic and straight to the point voice coach that I've come across. His techniques are easy to understand and follow.


Public Sector Entrepreneur

The training I’ve been through with Kolarele has been instrumental in helping me deliver clear, concise and effective messages. I was keen to ensure that my delivery was authentic and aligned to my own style and the insights from Kolarele were exactly what I needed for that.


Enterprise Sales Account Manager

Kolarele has been a great help with building my confidence and giving me the tools to perform at my best. My business presentations are becoming more effective and memorable and I have been amazed at the results.


Creative & UX Consultant

Kolarele is an extremely eloquent speaker and his training is excellent. I can highly recommend him.


Human Resources Specialist

The programme really boosted my confidence. It helped me breakdown and understand how to take my communication skills to a new level and the video assessments helped me road test them for high impact in real work set pieces.


Local Government Director

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