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10 Greatest Ever of Battle Movie Speeches

What is the point of a movie if it doesn’t move us to tears or laughter? If it doesn’t take us down to a valley of despair only to raise us back up to the highest heights?     The Eve of Battle Motivational Speech is one of those defining moments...
7 Most Memorable Moments from UN Conferences

7 Most Memorable Moments from UN Conferences

The annual gathering of Heads of State for the UN General Assembly in New York this week stands as a reminder of the power and importance of debate and dialogue in life and politics.     Under the rules of the UN all Presidents, Monarchs and Prime Ministers...
Happy Birthday & R.I.P., Mr Shakespeare

Happy Birthday & R.I.P., Mr Shakespeare

Alas, poor Shakespeare. We know him so well, even if we don’t always realise it.   We do not know his exact date of birth (we celebrate it on 23rd April, which coincidentally  is also the date – 52 years later – that he died). Conspiracy...

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