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Personal Coaching with Kolarele

Enrolment Page (International)


Just a couple more steps to be fully enrolled
Together we will work towards one goal…

For you to become an outstanding communicator.

This is a 3-month personal coaching programme entirely tailored to your needs and your schedule.

Whether you are an executive leader with a full team at work, or a busy entrepreneur building a great business, your approach to communication will have a massive effect on your career success. By the end of the programme, you will have developed the mindset, techniques and confidence to be able to connect and communicate with impact with all those around you.

“Great communication begins with connection” – Oprah Winfrey


When you are ready to enrol, take the 3 steps below.

(International enrolment)

Step One


Confirm your agreement to the Terms & Conditions of the Personal Coaching Programme

Step Two

Pay the Enrolment Fee


You can either pay by bank transfer using these bank details



or you can pay by card using one of the forms below
(one-off fee of £10,000 or 3 equal instalments of £3,333.33)



Once you have completed Steps 1 & 2, we can get to work.


Step Three


Book in for your first Coaching session

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