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Communication SuperSkills Coaching

to unlock the next level of your career
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Hi, I’m Kolarele


Whether you are interviewing for your first job, pushing for a promotion from your manager, or working to become a director of your company, getting to the next stage of your career does not depend on your technical know-how or your ability to do the job. It is all about convincing people to believe in you.

I help my clients develop outstanding communication skills to transform their careers. Book an introduction call with me to learn more about my Communication SuperSkills Coaching Programme.

Leadership Communication

Presentations Skills


Business Storytelling

Conflict Resolution

Negotiation Skills


Written Communication

Executive Presence

Networking Techniques

Some Questions to consider

On a scale of 1 - 10 how would your colleagues rate your communication skills?

What do your colleagues think of the way you communicate? 1 (terrible) – 10 (outstanding).

If the score they give you is 8 or lower, it means that your current approach to communication could be undermining your career. It is only once you raise your capacity to the 9 or 10 level, that you will begin to experience the career benefits that come from having a reputation as a great communicator.

What is your current approach to communication costing you right now?

Surveys show that businesses rate communication as the most valuable skill in their staff. If you do not have a reputation for strong communication skills, you will miss out on leadership positions, promotions, and other career opportunities. Your salary will not keep pace with others with the right reputation. Your ability to manage your team, engage with your peers, and persuade your managers will be impaired, and the outcomes you will achieve will be reduced.


Do I even need a coach? Can't I just work on this stuff by myself?

No, you don’t! It’s like going to the gym. The equipment is there, the running machine is there, the weights are there, which means you can do it all yourself, right? But if you’re anything like me, after 6 months of ‘dedication’ my results were ‘underwhelming’. So I signed up with a coach for 6 weeks and within 3 weeks even my wife was commenting on the changes she could see. The coach didn’t just work with me on doing reps, she gave me a technical analysis of my body shape, a nutritional diagnosis of the foods I responded to best, a structured workout plan, emotional support when my motivation was low, and guidance when I wasn’t holding a symmetrical line during my exercises.

And one other thing? A coach holds you accountable. If you have ever tried to change anything in your life, you’ll know that your chances of success are massively increased when you have to tell someone else about your progress.

There’s nothing you cannot do yourself. A coach just helps you get better, faster, deeper and more transformative results.

What impact will great communication have on my career?

Think of it like the hidden platform at King’s Cross station in Harry Potter. Everyone else walks past it without even knowing it exists, but those that do use it to enter a whole world full of magical possibilities. 

The world that great communicators live in is different. It is a world where doors open for you but not for others, and hidden opportunities are revealed that few ever get to hear about. Imagine the impact for your career if your colleagues and managers had high respect for your ability to convey and convince people of your ideas and thoughts. What if you were able to diffuse arguments without making people feel undermined? Or express your opinions in a way that compelled people to listen intently? Imagine if you were able to turn a difficult boss into an ally by communicating in a way that automatically resonates with him or her.

This and more are the possibilities created by outstandimg communication.

How does your coaching work, Kola?

Obviously I’ll explain more on our call, but in essence, I work with you directly to help you transform the way you communicate, which will have a direct impact on your work and career. There are three different ways we can work together:

  • Kola’s Communication Club: unlimited 15 minute calls (yes unlimited!) where you can contact me as many times as you want to get my feedback, support, analysis or advice on any communication issue you need help with
  • Communication SuperSkills Programme: a structured group live coaching programme (limited to 10 people) covering a specific topic every week including leadership communication, business storytelling, conflict resolution, negotiation skills, presentation skills, executive presence, networking strategies and more. 
  • Personal Coaching: tailored communications coaching designed specifically and uniquely for you. We will agree on a set of clear and distinct goals and then work together to achieve them on a 1-on-1 coaching basis. This includes 1 hour calls every week, unlimited email access, review & feedback e.g. you’ve got a specific meeting and want some tips on how to handle it, and more.


All options are 3 month programmes.

All options come with complimentary access to my Nail My Speech public speaking programme

What happens when I call you?

We will have a discussion designed to work out one thing: Am I a good fit for you? Are you a good fit for me?

We’ll talk about your personal goals and challenges when it comes to communication, any obstacles that are preventing your success and timescales for our working together.

I only take a few clients on at a time so that I can be sure to only work with people where I know we will achieve a great outcome. So, if we are not a good fit for each other, I’ll try to direct you to resources that will help you otherwise.

If we are good match, I’ll explain more about the 3 different coaching options I can offer you, what’s involved, what they cost, and then it will be your choice on which one to go for.

About Kolarele

Communication SuperSkills Coach

For over 21 years I have been a practising barrister – a role, which is all about communication and persuasion of judges, other lawyers, and clients. I am also the founder of the Great Speech Consultancy – working with a wide range of clients from sole practitioners to multinational corporations and organsiations to help them change the communication and public speaking ability of their staff. You can also listen to my ‘Great Speech’ Podcast on every platform including Apple Podcasts and Stitcher.

My public speaking guide, ‘How to Give a Great Speech’ is available on Amazon and other book shops across the world. I am also a past President of the London chapter of the global mentoring charity, the 100 Black Men.

I am also regularly hired as a speaker, workshop trainer, and facilitator, on topics including public speaking & communication, leadership, entrepreneurship, and diversity and inclusion in business.

What people say about me

“In the simplest of terms Kolarele is awesome. He helped grow my story and confidence immeasurably.”

Paul, Design Director

Kola totally changed the way I delivered my presentation and drew out my own passion and story telling abilities to deliver a presentation that allowed me to connect with the audience in a way that I didn’t think possible. I highly recommend Kolarele.


Vice President (Legal)

Kolarele has been a great help with building my confidence and giving me the tools to perform at my best. My business presentations are becoming more effective and memorable and I have been amazed at the results.


Creative & UX Consultant

The academic staff and students were all very impressed and inspired to work on their own presenting style. It has been very easy to work with Kolarele and I would recommend him and his work as a very worthwhile investment!


Business Engagement Officer

The training I’ve been through with Kolarele has been instrumental in helping me deliver clear, concise and effective messages. I was keen to ensure that my delivery was authentic and aligned to my own style and the insights from Kolarele were exactly what I needed for that.


Enterprise Sales Account Manager

Kolarele was an invaluable resource in helping me articulate our clarified and user-friendly organizational objectives, and he also helped me in presenting this to the rest of the organsiation at all levels. Great value for money too!


London Regional Chair, Federation of Small Businesses

I believe that coaches should walk their walk and talk their talk – and this one does! Kola knows what he talks about. I am delighted that he has packaged his knowledge, tips and experience and has made it available now to a wider audience. Recommended!


Independent Financial Advisor

Kolarele has an engaging manner with a delivery style that is thoughtful and deliberate. I look forward to working with him again and highly recommend him as a coach.


London Regional Chair, Federation of Small Businesses

Kolarele is an extremely eloquent speaker and his training is excellent. I can highly recommend him.


Human Resources Specialist

Kola was able to transform (by providing the tools, know how and techniques) my friend from somebody who was nervous, stuttering and with poor body language and unclear messages when speaking to an audience, into somebody who was evidently self confident, impactful, thought provoking with crisp messaging. 


Managing Director

Frequently speaking coaches over complicate things, Kola on the other hand is the most dynamic and straight to the point voice coach that I’ve come across. His techniques are easy to understand and follow.


Public Sector Entrepreneur

The session was great because it looked at every aspect from concept, content and structure through to delivery. Kolarele has a good training style and I’d recommend the session I did to anyone looking to impove.


Marketing Manager

With many thanks to Kolarele I have a much better presentation in meetings and networking events. He has helped boost my confidence in talking at these events, and I’m getting a lot more business after just a month!


Printing Business Owner

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