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“From the funky intro music to the humorous anecdotes, this show is the no-pressure way to get comfortable with public speaking. Keep up the good work!”  John


“I like your style. Very personable, funny, laid back and still full of gems. Easy listening. Great for the commute. Positive way to start the day”  Marvin


“Brilliantly thought out, well organised, with practical how-to’s that can be used straight away. Kola also goes deep. A delight to listen to!” Stephanie


“This guy is authentic! There are many podcasts out there, but when you find one where you can hear the passion, that makes a big difference”   Valthery

Ep #15: How to win your next argument (without losing your cool)

Ep #14: Business Writing 101 – An Interview with Lucille Ossai

Ep #13: Why webinars work – An Interview with Omar Zenhom

Ep #12: Ten Commandments of Effective Communication

Ep #11: Interview with Michael & Phil of ‘Five in the Eye’

Ep #10: Quick Communication Quiz – what’s your score?

Ep #9: Seven Deadly Sins of Public Speaking… (cue evil laugh)

Ep #8: Interview with Mark Bowden: How body language works


Ep #7: Handling Difficult questions without looking like an impostor

Ep #6: How to be funny in a speech (when you’re not that funny in real life)

Ep #5: The Four Fundamental Flaws of Leaders that Fail


Ep #4: Part 2 – Greatest Speeches by Women –  My Top Ten


Ep #3: Part 1 – Greatest Speeches by Women –  My Top Ten


Ep #2: The Extraordinarily Awesome Power of Storytelling to Persuade

Ep #1: The 5 Habits of Highly Charismatic People

Ep Intro: Why this? Why Me?


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