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Presentation Skills Group Workshops

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There is often nothing more powerful than getting a small group of people to work together towards a common cause.

My presentation skills workshops are delivered through a mixture of interactive games, videos, practice presentations, and targeted exercises, which are ideal to build the ability and quality of each individual’s presentation skills.

The workshop is ideal for a party of no more than 15 people, which allows me to bring the whole group along, whilst also giving individual attention to each person. Results are best when the workshop is tailored to the needs of your group, so the first step is for us to sit down and work out what will have the biggest impact for your group to help them develop brilliant presentations that rock. We’ll look at how you do things right now, where you want to get to and what that would mean for your company or organisation. That way the workshop will be targeted to give you exactly what you need.

That’s why 89% of participants in my workshops have given them a 5 star rating!
And why 100% would recommend my workshops to other people.

“I found the workshop excelent. It helped me overcome my nerves and gave me a great structure that I’ll follow for presentations in the future”  – Kevin


“It was an enjoyable and enlightening experience to gain an insight into what it takes to improve my presentation skills” Fabian


“Really enjoyed the workshhop; very well structured, presented, also well tailored to make it specific and relevant for us; good range of activities to keep eeryone interested/engaged” Janette


“excellent presentation, good interaction, and very well planned”


The Workshops

Who said business workshops couldn’t be fun? It is a day out of the office and away from your desk after all, so it’d be a shame to waste it on something boring. My workshops are designed to be interactive, entertaining and above all effective. I’ll always sit down with you to ensure it is tailored to your precise needs, but here are three of my more popular sessions:

The Fear-Killer

Nerves good. Fear bad! Nerves make you sharp, keep you focused, and help you perform to your optimum. Fear freezes your brain, twists tongues, and makes you underperform. Confidence is perhaps the single biggest factor that determines your team’s ability to deliver an effective presentation. The Nerve-Feeder/Fear-Killer session will get your team performing with total confidence that shows.


Business Storytelling

Great brands connect with people on an emotional level, and there’s no better way to connect than through a good story. In this workshop, you’ll learn the mechanics of great storytelling, how to apply this technique to the way you talk about what you do, and why a great tale resonates on a far deeper level than facts & stats. Oh, and you might just rediscover your inner child!

PowerPoint Presentations

Here’s a little secret: You don’t actually have to use PowerPoint for every presentation! But when your team does use it, they need to master it like Steve Jobs! By the end of this session, your group will understand the 5 core Principles of PowerPoint Presentations, what makes a great slide, and how to avoid the 3 big mistakes that most presenters make… or you could just not use PowerPoint!



Elevator Pitches

How often does your team have more than just a few moments to make its case before the audience starts checking messages on their smartphones? The single most important weapon in any company/organisation’s arsenal is the Elevator Pitch – the ability to convince people to buy into what you do in a couple of minutes. This session teaches your team my unique Elevator Pitch Formula, guaranteed to get your team the answer ‘Yes!’

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