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It’s only 10 questions.  Yes, you could just google the answers but where’s the sport in that? Have a go. Be honest, and say your score.

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Question 1

On average how many words per minute (wpm) do most people use when giving a speech?

A)  60 – 100     B)  101 – 160     C) 161 – 200     D) 201 – 250      E) 251 – 310

Question 2

As soon as you have finished your speech, your words begin to fade from the audience’s memory. But according to the accepted research, how long will it take for your audience to forget 90% of what you said?

A) 10 Hours        B) 1 Day       C) 3 Days     D) 5 Days        E) 1 Week

Question 3

Who said “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”?

A) Steve Jobs                  B) Mahatma Gandhi                  C) Oprah Winfrey                 D) Albert Einstein          E) Sheryl Sandberg

Question 4

Martin Luther King gave his famous ‘I have a dream’ speech at the March on Washington in 1963. But he hadn’t actually planned on giving this particular speech until a close friend in the audience, who felt his speech needed more oompf, shouted out ‘Tell ’em about the dream, Martin!’ Who was that friend?

A) Mahalia Jackson             B) Rosa Parks                   C) Sidney Poitier                   D) Jesse Jackson                  E) Sammy Davis Jnr

Question 5

In the 1977 Book of Lists, public speaking came Number 1 in the survey of people’s greatest fears. But what was Number 2?

A) Death                               B) Bugs & Insects                   C) Financial Problems         D) Heights                            E) Sickness

Question 6

One of the earliest known texts on the art of public speaking was written in the 4th century BC by Aristotle. What was it called?

A) Elocution                          B) Oratory                                  C) Eloquence                     D) Persuasion                       E) Rhetoric

Question 7

Messages delivered through stories are many times more likely to be remembered than messages with facts alone. But how many times more likely?

A) Twice as likely           B) Three times more likely             C) Five times more likely     D) Ten times more likely      E) 22 times more likely

Question 8

What does the T.E.D. in TED Talks stand for?

A) Talk. Explain. Debate.             B) Technology. Entertainment. Design                      C) Telepromter Enabled Discourse              D) Tell Everyone to Dance                      E) To Educate Doers

Question 9

Approximately how long was the Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln?

A) 3 minutes                 B) 7 minutes                   C) 12 minutes                  D) 18 minutes

Question 10

“Most presentations are boring!” What percentage of audiences agree with this statement?

A) 25%                          B) 53%                      C) 79%              D) 86%                  E) 95%

How did you get on? Did you do it without asking the internet? No? Booo!. Yes? Good on you.

Answers are below. (be sure to register for my new Outstanding Public Speaker free live webinar) 


Kolarele Sonaike

Host, The Great Speech Podcast

Answers (don’t cheat!)

Question 1: B
Question 2: C
Question 3: D
Question 4: A
Question 5: D
Question 6: E
Question 7: E
Question 8: B
Question 9: A

Question 10: C  (check out these stats

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