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The Communication SuperSkills Blueprint (C.S.B.) Programme

supercharge your career in 3 months with outstanding communication skills.
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“Clients typically join my programme because they have some (or all) of the following communication skills struggles:


“I should be further on in my career, but my communication skills are holding me back”


“I pass up valuable opportunities to present that would be good for building my profile, because I’m not confident about my public speaking”


“I’m now on the board sitting with senior leadership so it’s not enough to just be good at the work. I have to be able to communicate really well to be able to influence decisions”

“I’m OK with 1:1s and presenting to small groups, but as soon as I am in front of a larger group of people, I lose my words and find it really difficult”
“People I know I am better than, have gone further than me because they seem more charismatic”


” I’m not getting roles I am more than capable of, because people don’t see me as a leader”


“I struggle to build strong connections with colleagues at work. I’m just not sure how to go about it”


“Even though I make perfect sense in what I am saying, somehow I am not as persuasive as I know I need to be”

The Communication SuperSkills Blueprint is the only coaching programme that teaches the 7 fundamental communication superskills that will change your career if you use them (and stall your career if you don’t).

Group Coaching (learn, interact and work with others facing the same communication struggles as you)

Bi-weekly live sessions: (real-time coaching from me on the 7 Communication SuperSkills)

2 Hour Deep-Coaching  Personal Session  (we go deep to create your personalised communication battle plan)

Unlimited access to my Nail My Speech online Public Speaking Programme

Exclusive Checklists for each Module (with video explainer notes)

Challenging Weekly Video Tasks (practise and get weekly coaching feedback from me by video)

What clients say about my coaching

Roy, Operations Director

“The effectiveness of my communication has doubled in effectiveness, as has my confidence. I still have a long way to go, but my professional value has increased. I would put the value of this programme to me of about £100,000 in the next two years”

Watch Roy’s Feedback about the programme

Joy, Business Development Manager

I have certainly seen a transformation, becoming more concise and more compelling in my communication.  Better at persuasion and seeing that in the form of better outcomes. There is also a new level of confidence, which I perceive has made me more daring.  I like the transformed me!

David, Local Government Director

“The programme really boosted my confidence. It helped me breakdown and understand how to take my communication skills to a new level and the video assessments helped me road test them for high impact in real work set pieces.”

Watch David’s Feedback about the programme

Charmaine, Co-President

Several of my board members have recognized that my communication style has improved. It made me feel good to hear that because no one knew that I was taking the course. I think taking this Programme has boosted my value by $25-50k in salary value. I think people will truly see me as CEO material.

Saheed, Global Account Director

The programme has increased my confidence in communicating with senior executives. I feel better equipped with some practical tools for effective communication at all levels. I am also better able to “self-diagnose” and determine what I can do better in cases where key communication objectives are not achieved.

Sharon, Associate General Counsel (Europe)

My team have commented on the negotiation skills in particular. It has given me many reusable frameworks for leadership, public speaking etc that I use every day in my role. It has helped me to become a more respected negotiator because of the way in which I handle clients.

Fabian, IT Business Analyst

I feel the course has been most impactful in giving me the conceptual framework and techniques become a more effective communicator. I already see the benefits, particularly in the realm of giving presentations to senior management

Rashada, Enterprise Technologist

The training with Kolarele has been instrumental in helping me deliver clear, concise and effective messages. I was keen to ensure that my delivery was authentic and aligned to my own style and the insights from Kolarele were exactly what I needed for that.

“In the simplest of terms Kolarele is awesome. He helped grow my story and confidence immeasurably.”

Paul, Design Director

Personal Coaching Module
Group Coaching Modules

About Kolarele

For over 21 years I have been a practising barrister – a role, which is all about communication, presenting and persuasion. You have to convince judges, negotiate with other lawyers, explain legal issues to your clients. I am also the founder of the Great Speech Consultancy – working with a wide range of clients from solopreneurs to  corporations like Meta, Bank of England, Federation of Small Businesses, Local Government Association, Bank of America, Jones Lang LaSalle, helping them communicate with impact. You can also listen to my highly-rated podcast, The Great Speech Podcast, on every platform including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher.

I am also a paid keynote speaker, tackling topics including communication, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

My public speaking guide, ‘How to Give a Great Speech’ is available on Amazon and other book shops across the world.

Finally, I am also a past President of the London chapter of the global mentoring charity, the 100 Black Men, and currently sit on the board of the 100 Black Men of America.


Kolarele was an invaluable resource in helping me articulate our clarified and user-friendly organizational objectives, and he also helped me in presenting this to the rest of the organsiation at all levels. Great value for money too!


Strategic Grants Lead

I believe that coaches should walk their walk and talk their talk – and this one does! Kola knows what he talks about. I am delighted that he has packaged his knowledge, tips and experience and has made it available now to a wider audience. Recommended!


Independent Financial Advisor

£2,500 plus VAT

(you may be able to get my READY NOW discount)



I know my Communication SuperSkills Programme will work for you just as it has worked for others. But coaching is obviously a very personal thing that has to feel right if it is to be effective.

So, I offer all my clients my 21 Day No Questions Asked  (N.Q.A.) Money-Back Guarantee.

If for any reason, the programme isn’t working for you, just let me know within 21 days after our first coaching session and I’ll refund you 100% of the fee you paid immediately with no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does group coaching work?

The great thing about group coaching is that you are part of a mutually supportive group of people all going through the same experience.

Each member of the group is working at the same time to develop their communication skills, which helps to keep everyone motivated and accountable.

You share goals, challenges, frustrations and achievements, and learn from each others questions.

And even when I take time in the session to focus on one person’s question, I will do it in a way that still provides value for everyone.


How much does the programme cost?

£1,950 + VAT  payable when  you sign up

How long is the programme?

Just over 3 months

There are 7 live group coaching sessions which run fortnightly on Tuesdays @ 7pm (London time), and you also get one personal deep coaching session with me to go through your goals and challenges when it comes to communication skills.


What happens in each session?

Each session will last approximately 1.5 – 2 hours giving us enough time to cover the specific topic of the session e.g. leadership communication, negotiation, storytelling etc.

I will share Notes, Worksheets, and Videos as appropriate before each session for you to use.

Then during the session, we will assess your current ability and approach, and then use the Communication SuperSkills Blueprint to help you develop new techniques and strategies to master the particular communication skill.

We’ll finish each session with a Q&A.


What happens if I miss a session?

Each session is recorded and I will share the recording with the group usually within 24 hours of the session.

You will have unlimited access to the recording, all worksheets and notes (even after the completion of the programme itself).

How do I sign up?

Book yourself in for a ‘Getting Started’ call and I’ll outline everything there.

Here’s the link: 

What is the 'No questions asked' Money back guarantee?

This means you get a 14-day money-back guarantee, which means if you change your mind within the first two weeks, you just say the word and I’ll send you a full refund no questions asked.

What's the Special Gift?

If I told you that, it wouldn’t be a secret. But I will tell you that it is a gift you will like and you will use throughout the coaching programme.

£2,500 plus VAT

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