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The stuff I’ve written

I have always been fascinated by words, their impact, and the power of persuasion, which is why I write incessantly.

In my younger days, I wrote songs, poems, short stories and even film scripts. Nowadays, of course, it’s mainly speechwriting. Here’s a couple of things I’ve written that may interest you.

Got a speech to give?

Nervous about public speaking?
Not sure how to structure your speech?
Want to make a big impression on your audience?

‘How to Give a Great Speech’ is your comprehensive and user-friendly guide to the art and science of public speaking.

It takes you through everything you need to know about what it takes to give a great speech, even though you’re not that experienced – how to prepare, how to write, and how to deliver.

(for tablets and E-readers)


  • how to time your speech to perfection.
  • how to master your nerves and conquer your fear.
  • when, how, and why to use humour in your speech.
  • how to build your speech to a climax that will really move your audience and make them remember you.
  • the five-part structure that every speech must have
  • how to analyse your audience and set your speech objectives

The Bird that had Vertigo

Max Magnifico is a bird of unknown origin with a fear of heights and an adventurous spirit. Join little Max as he takes on the great Eagle Dan in a daring test of nerve on a journey through space. An engaging story of bravery and cunning that will leave all children asking one question: Just who is Max Magnifico?

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